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Uncle Sam

Fraternity News & Updates:

The Summer Line will begin 6 July 2014. So, submit your applications as soon as possible.

Application Deadline: 24 June 2014

Initiation fee due NLT 1 July, if accepted.




Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity caters exclusively to men of the U.S. Armed Forces. Formed as an alternative to traditional organizations for male service members, we offer membership in a Greek-letter Fraternity that is Second to None!

Through our local chapters we aspire to unite male service members of all branches of United States Armed Forces. Local chapters meet locally twice per month, and once nationally during our "Retreat". The first meeting of every month is business related & the second meeting is social. During our annual Retreat fraternity members from across the globe are invited to unite in the name of Brotherhood!

Kappa Lambda Chi has three objectives:

Promote Fidelity - We aspire to promote a sense of fidelity within servicemen of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Membership is open to all male service members who are or have served honorably. Our goal is to have a member or active chapter on every military installation - stateside & abroad.

Develop Wisdom - Candidates that have completed at least 1 enlistment, but has less than 5 years of military service are paired with a Big Brother that has more time in service & wisdom to share. Members that are retired from military service are paired with new members who wish to seek similar career paths in the civilian sector. To learn more about who we are & what we do, visit our About Us page.

Encourage High Ambition - An ambitious man is a hard worker, exercises his will power, and proves his abilities. Annually each active chapter will honor a male veteran over the age of 65. The male service member is inducted as an honorary K.L.C. member, and his legacy/military service is documented.

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