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Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. was created by military men that have a lifelong devotion to giving back to their respective communities.  Becoming a member requires a lifetime commitment of your time, energy, talents and finances.  As military men we understand the rules of engagement as well as the importance of history, customs, courtesies, traditions, and training.  Therefore, you must be one whose actions will not jeopardize or place the fraternities brand and well being at risk.  Kappa Lambda Chi currently breaks its membership acquisition process into 3 Phases.

Phase I is when an aspirant shows interest in becoming a Lambda Man and submits an online application which in and of itself is quite exciting! One thing we recommend that you become extremely familiar with everything Kappa Lambda Chi and the most effective way to do so is to take to the Information Highway.  Kappa Lambda Chi exist throughout many different Social and Professional platforms so use our internet footprint to gain as much knowledge of the organization as possible.

Phase II will occur after your research is finalized and your online application has been submitted.  This is the part when our Membership Coordinators (MC) have the privilege of getting to know you, your references and your background. If everything checks out favorably and the MC’s decide that you are a good fit for Kappa Lambda Chi you will receive a congratulatory letter welcoming you to the Intake Process(Training phase)!

Phase III is totally self-paced within reason.  This Phase is when you are responsible for paying your Intake Fee in addition to preparing your supervisors, significant others, and most importantly yourself for the next 6 challenging weeks to come. Unfortunately, this is the phase were we lose most of our aspirants due to either cold feet, financially unpreparedness, loss of interest, or family emergency.

If you can persevere through these 3 Phases you will have what it takes to start the Intake Process, but only you can ensure that you become a member of The Exceptional Gentlemen!

         FALL  October 1 - December 31           September 1           October 1
       WINTER    January 1 - March 30           December 1            January 1
       SPRING         April - June 30                March 1             April 1
      SUMMER   July 1 - September 30                 June 1              July 1

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