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Becoming a Certified Vendor

Our fraternal organization is extremely proud of the colors we wear and the Greek letters we've earned, so in order to stay uniform and remain loyal to the businesses that truly support our members and our vision, Kappa Lambda Chi must purchase all of our Greek merchandise from our Pre-Approved Authorized Vendors. These Vendors pay an Annual Vendor Fee to Kappa Lambda Chi for the opportunity to manufacture products bearing our Trademarks. The revenue generated from our Authorized Vendor Fee directly benefits Kappa Lambda Chi’s charitable programs each year.



How do I find current Authorized Vendors?

Locating our current Authorized Vendor’s list is quite effortless. Take a look at the bottom of this page and you'll find the links for our current Authorized Vendors. Our Authorized Vendors have demonstrated time and time again that they provide excellent customer service, quality paraphernalia, and a vast assortment of Kappa Lambda Chi accessories to choose from.


Want to know more about supporting KLC as an Authorized Vendor?

Well… Becoming an Authorized Vendor is a relatively simple and painless process. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, first email klcwapc@gmail.com requesting to become a vendor, where you will receive a vendor application.  Once your application has been received allow 3 to 5 business days for processing. If you haven’t received a response by then please don’t hesitate to contact our Corporate Office at klcsecretary14@gmail.com for a status update.


Why Kappa Lambda Chi?

By becoming a KLC Authorized Vendor you’ll be providing our members with your quality made products, and excellent customer service you provide. When Potential Vendors take advantage of the KLC Authorized Vendor Partnership, Kappa Lambda Chi receives an Annual Fee which goes toward supporting our various charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanities, The Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America, High School JCAMP, and several other philanthropic opportunities.


General KLC Exchange Licensing Principles

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Incorporated has established an Authorized License Vendor Policy to certify all persons selling KLC Paraphernalia. Furthermore, Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. has explicit rights to all copy written, trademarks, and trade names representing the Fraternity. As a result of this policy, our members have been instructed not to purchase KLC paraphernalia from any vendor not certified by our Corporate Office.

For absolutely "No" reason will the Kappa Lambda Chi Crest be altered, changed or redesigned.

Any changes to our official emblem(s) must be approved by the Corporate Office of Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc.

If your company does not sell merchandise bearing Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. crest or letters, and you would like to be a vendor of jewelry, books, etc. you must contact the Wear and Appearance Committee: klcwapc@gmail.com. The vendor policy does not apply to vendors that are not selling Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity Inc. paraphernalia.

For Trademark information click here!

Click here to pay Vendor Fee:  Vendor Fee


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