A Message from Our President


It is with great humility that I greet you and welcome you to the Kappa Lambda Chi National Website. As we move into our 7th year of existence our great Fraternity continues to stand the test of time as not only a viable organization, but a major force on the horizon. Our Fraternity has broken barriers and postured itself as a sustainable multifaceted vehicle of change for years to come. I am so excited about the possibilities of having an even greater impact on the communities where we live and reside, as the Men of Kappa Lambda Chi march on!

As we start the New Year of 2020 we are ushering in more exciting changes while celebrating significant milestones of our great Fraternity. We have certainly grown as an Organization, as Men and more importantly as a “Brotherhood”. I am so impressed by the members’ engagement in our call to “Transformation and Change”. They have taken up this mantle with vigor and vitality to face the everyday hurdles while providing actionable and realistic solutions ensuring our Fraternity’s success.

As the 5th National President I am so excited about our organization’s future and its greater impact on our communities and the world! Since 2013, members of the Kappa Lambda Chi have been laser focused on improving the quality of life all around the fraternities worldwide footprint. Our footprint and membership is growing at an abundant rate, however, the end result has never changed; Promotion of Fidelity, Development of Wisdom, and the Encouragement of High Ambition.

I am continually approached with the question, what makes your Fraternity so great? My response is always simple. We are Men of Action, we are men who provide a voice for the voiceless. My brothers are educators and administrators who are grooming our future business owners, doctors, lawyers, politicians, and great military figures. My brothers have never forgotten the Men of Distinction who have come before us to pave the way for today’s military man, the Veteran. Lastly, my brothers just don’t talk about it, they are out in their communities everyday reminding citizens that the villages of yesteryear are ever present. Simply put, my brothers are men of change. In the coming months we will further prove why we are Second to None by accomplishing the unthinkable and expanding our footprint. I am not only honored but blessed to serve the men of Kappa Lambda Chi as we forge into 2021.

Again, welcome to Kappa Lambda Chi’s National website, please take a look at who we are, what we are about, and how you can get involved.

Bernard Johnson

5th National President

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity, Inc.

“Imperium Sine Fine”

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